Anus as Art #28 – A Picture Just for Me

October 25, 2006 at 8:55 pm (Uncategorized)

This is a picture taken just for me. Ohhh my… The things I could do with this ass, with this beautiful naked woman’s asshole. With her delicious little pussy. I am licking all around. My tongue leaves a little trail from way out on her bum… circling slowly inward until I reach my mark and I’m in heaven. My nose tickles that wonderful, that marvelous vagina. I tongue her ring and tickle it. She moans and giggles because a woman’s tongue has never been just there. I slip it in a litle and lick her muscle inside – where I love my finger for the first time I manage to get my tongue and I love it. Her smell fills my head and her taste surrounds it. My whole being is in her asshole and in her pussy both at once. I lick around and up and down and then I slide it up and into that other yummy hole. My tongue seems to lead my being up and down that slit and around her clit. Up and down around and around forever. She grabs my head and directs my attention to sliding my mouth up and around the shaft of her clit. My finger slips into that wet anus gently slips deeper and out… deeper and out. I can’t take my face from there until she shudders and comes and finally pulls it away – glistening.

And they say porn is bad? 🙂

[PS – Before I get lectures…. There is no shit and no bacteria in my fantasies.]


  1. br0kenheart said,

    My fantasies don’t include shit, either. Don’t cha just luv that?

  2. waseem said,

    sexy, nude, big nipples, great boobs, pussy spicy, lick

  3. an old soodler said,

    I find that a pretty lady’s pretty anus is a real turn on!! I love to insert my finger into it and feel it contract as she experiences sexual pleasure!! I was married to a woman once whose tight little anus was a continuing source of pleasure to me. But the sex was strictly vaginal, the only kind I like. But Her Spicy Anus was just a part of her overall beauty!!

  4. alaina said,

    kick minne for me

  5. mylesbianfantasies said,

    Alaina – did you mean “LICK mine for me”? If you’re as lovely as that name then just maybe… 😉

  6. Nixie said,

    check this site out, I think you will like.


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